Vue.js Email Signature Generator

Vue.JS, WordPress REST API

A client who had an existing WordPress website with their staff members added as a custom post type wanted to have the ability to quickly create uniform email signatures for all their employees. Because employees were added/removed frequently and used a variety of email clients, I decided to create an email signature generator app as the solution to their requirements.

email signature generator

Because I had never used Vue.js before or done much at all with WordPress’ REST API, I decided to use both for this project! It was a great learning experience and both the client and myself were very pleased with the result. I was able to play with SVG graphics while working on this as well.

The Vue app consumes the team member post type that is exposed by the WP API in order to get the data used to populate the email signatures (employee name, title, photo, etc.) then with the help of Vue and a couple other NPM libraries team members can visit a URL search for their name and copy/download their email signature in formats for a variety of different email clients.

Technologies Used

  • WordPress REST API
  • WordPress Custom Post Types & Taxonomies
  • WordPress Custom Fields
  • Vue.js
  • Javascript
  • CSS (SCSS)
  • HTML